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To all our Canadian sheeps, happy thanksgiving. We appricate all of you. Thanks for making BaaaCraft awesome.

We would like to thank everyone for coming out tonight. It was a lot of fun. A lot of obsidian was mined and a lot of dying happened!

We will be extending double MCMMO for 1 week, yall can thank faro for that! We decided to leave the incentive up till the end of the month, every donation will add a week to double MCMMO and if we meet donation goal we will do another full month of it and add a spawner plugin.

The winner of the Nether spawn is Del, we will use his build as our new zone in area in the nether. See me for your prize.

The closest number is Hershey, the number we set up before was 47!

Remember you can still claim /warp bday chest till the end of the month!

King of the hill starts at 9:40. So far 1 extra week of double mcmmo

Obsidian mountain starts a 7pm

Ill be streaming ALL the events tonight starting at 7pm. Tune in to watch me die for the first time ever on this map!


Take a minute to guess how many sheeps are in the feild!

Friends, you dont have to count them! You have one guess. Any number between 1-100. Person who gets it or the person closes will win something fun!

Guess here before 11pm EST

Any donations made tonight will add one week to double MCMMO! If donation goal is met we will be setting up a spawner pluging and keeping double MCMMO for another month ONTOP of the weeks added!

Remeber you only have a few more days to get some LE wings and the bday bow! Come October first the LE packs will be gone.

We appriciate you!

You're Invited

[Baaa] Melany23 posted Sep 24, 16

We would like to invite everyone to BaaaCrafts 3rd Birthday Party! On Tuesday September 27th starting at 7pm est!

To start off the night a giant obsidian mountain has been spotted. Rumor has it the mountain is full of loot. I will TP everyone to the starting location and when I say go mine away! Anything you find along your dig is yours to keep. Could be ore, ore blocks or a chest with goodies.

The mountain will stay till Neph gets home from work or till its gone. Once Neph is home we will delete what is left of the mountain and start setting up King of the hill.

Neph and I will be standing at the top of the hill in the nether. Once we say go people will leave the starting zone and make their way to us. First person to kill Neph and Myself wins.

Rules: No Fly. Aside from that anything goes!

PSA: You might want to empty your inventory before this event aside from some trash to help climb. You are probably going to die. More than one person can win if someone kills me and someone else kills neph.

We have had only one person find the sign in the Nether. Still tons more to find for some sweet loot!

Be sure to stick around after, dragons will be visiting the nether and giants will be showing their big faces around the world.

Throughout the night we will be doing random trivia for some fun prizes!

Remember that the limited edition with the cool wings will be going away at the end of the month. Get yours today!

We hope to see some old faces pop in and want to thank everyone for making BaaaCraft the awesome community that it is.

PS Nephs out having a life and cant spell check for me. Be nice!


[Baaa] Melany23 posted Sep 5, 16

We have some pretty big updates to share with you today.

We have reset the nether. Please try not to make the map giant right away. You dont need to walk 20k blocks to get quartz anymore. Please also keep in mind that warping to old homes may kill you!

Nether spawn contest is still open, so get building!

Please remember going forward, the nether can be reset at any time and it is PVP enabled.

We have changed IPs. It is now set up to use or Please make sure to update your IPs for the server asap we want to phase out using pickles subdomain. The event server has a subdomain too now,

We have hidden treats around the nether map. ALL treats are within 1k radius of spawn. Find the sign, destroy it and mark down the number. When you see Neph or I send us a tell with the number and collect your treat. One super awesome trolly sign will grant the lucky finder a Bday Pack. You can only win once!

Example of the sign

Happy Hunting

Last but not least we have added some sand pillars around /warp desert. Going foward lets not be buttheads and destroy the area around the warp.

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