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First thing we are going to discuss is the nether. We have decided it will be 100% reset. This choice took a long time for us to decide on because we do not want people to lose their work, however we have always stated that end and nether can be reset at any time.

Now, we aren't going to be poops about it. You have a week to post here with the cords/home name of the build you want to keep. We will only be taking LARGE farms over. Everything else will be deleted. Chest contents will not copy, signs will copy, but they will be blank. I know some of you might not find this fair but unfortunately it is what we are offering at this time.

We will look at all posts and make the choice on moving it. If we decide not to move it we will let you know before we reset if you want to collect your resources. Also be warned that when we move farms your redstone work will not copy properly and will need to be redone.


With a fresh map, we will need a new spawn in the nether. That is where you come in! Our next contest will be to build a spawn for the nether.

You can /warp netherspawn to claim your area to build. Make sure that you stay within your square. Do not build down and keep it to a nether theme.

Now let's talk about September. On the 26th it will be BaaaCraft’s 3rd birthday so we have a lot of fun stuff planned for the month.

We will be updating the MobDisguise options for sale in the perk shop. For $50 you will have access to ALL disguises except for Baby sheep (mods special), withers, dragons and other players.

We will be releasing a new birthday pack at the start of September, that will go away at the end of September.  

  • In this pack you will get:
  • Fly forever
  • ALL disguises (excluding those listed above)
  • Keep XP
  • Custom Wings!
  • A shiny custom BDAY bow

$120 value for $50!

Once we reach our donation goal this month we will be installing a spawner plugin. Some of the features are:

  • Set spawners
  • Set silkytouch
  • Buy spawners off signs

Your donations is what keeps this server running. without you we would not be celebrating our third birthday. All donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to supporting the server!

Starting September 1st, we will turn on double MCMMO for the entire month and be doing weekly events all month long!

Some events planned are Obsidian Mountain,  Drop Parties, & Dragon/Giant parties. Keep an eye on the news to see what's coming!

I was going to say who won the wheel contest in this news but without too many entries I'm going to let it go another month. Visit /warp wheel to claim your spot and build a ferris wheel.

Incase you missed the shout, fts will be down until further notice. 

TL;DR: Nether is getting reset, Birthday news & new donation items/packs

immachrisyou @ BaaaCraft
[$] iPortrend Can't wait to see what awesome builds people are going to put forward for the new Nether spawn! Happy birthday to t...

Lets all make sure to wish Nephy a super awesome birthday! You can leave her some well wishes on her card fom last year here

Bigger image here!

We would just like to take a minute to wish xDragovian a happy birthday! (its our tomorrow but after his midnight!) Thank you for sticking it out with us through the years. You are extra awesome!

We would like to also wish Stickler a happy birthday. Hope you both have a wonderful day!

[$] xDragovian
xDragovian @ BaaaCraft

New Contest!

[Baaa] Melany23 posted Jul 4, 16

It's been awhile since we have run a monthly contest because of lack of interest, but we decided to bring it back!

This month we are asking you to build us a ferris wheel. You can grab your template at /warp wheel.  We have laid out a template for the height of the wheel. The width is up to you, you can expand the width of the template as you see fit.

The winning wheel will be featured at the zoo and the top 3 will get 10k. Anyone that participates and finishes a ferris wheel will receive some karma as well.


Do not change the height of the wheel

Keep it classy

We beat the donation goal and as promised are looking into a villager upgrade plugin. We have not forgotten but have hit a speed bump. We are struggling to find a plugin that is being updated/worked on. If you have any ideas feel free to let us know!

We have met our donation goal! This one took a long time to make, with things being slow but we appreciate all your support and with summer around the corner we look forward to meeting it again and looking into silky spawners! We will be launching the XP event for one month.

All XP earned in game is doubled. You can see all the ways to earn xp here.

If you have purchased the XP pack from the shop you can /warp xp to bottle your XP. Right click the spawner, super simple!

Donations have been reset. As promised, with the first donation we will install an upgraded villager plug in.

We are still in discussions about what to do about nether reset. We have some really good ideas on the discussion thread. We want to hear from more people so please have your say here.

We went through and cleaned up the Market. 10 plots have been opened up as well as some central ring plots.

We will be raffling the central ring plots to VIPS. If you want one of these plots please talk to Neph or myself. You must trade your old plot for these and nothing can be built super high.

Please do not have markets in your area. Stores are to be in market area or approved towns. Do not build close to spawn or market. We have asked you guys to leave space around market for expansions. Builds will be deleted with no warning and all items will be destroyed. 

[Baaa] Melany23 Limited to experience orbs
[$] iPortrend Does the XP double include MCMMO or is it limited to only experience orbs?
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